Green economy and agribusiness. New agrarian transformation in Belarus

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  • Wydawnictwo: C.H. BECK
  • Dostępność: Wysyłka w 24 godziny
  • Autor: Bartosz Mickiewicz
  • Wydawca, rok wydania: C.H. Beck, 2020
  • Liczba stron : 222
  • Oprawa i wymiary: miękka, 165 x 235 mm
  • ISBN: 978-83-8198-668-7
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  • 84,90 zł

The book is the result of the author's 20 years experience in processes of Belarussian agriculture transformation. It presents formation of a model of sustainable development of agribusiness based on the principles of "green economy" in post-soviet countries on the example of Belarus.
The scientific novelty of the obtained results lies in the development of the conceptual framework for the formation of a model of sustainable development and in the development of recommendations that ensure the effective functioning of agribusiness in modern conditions.
Antonina Efimenko
Professor of Mogilev State
University of Food Technologie
Based on innovation and knowledge, the "green economy" can ensure the sustainable functioning of modern civilization. The book is a valuable publication that should not only contribute to stimulation of the socio-economic development of agriculture and rural areas in the Republic of Belarus, but also to further efficiency and innovation improvement of the agribusiness system.
Zbigniew Brodziński
Professor of Warmia and Mazury
University in Olsztyn